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3 reasons why Ziyech and Fernandes shouldn’t be compared to each other



The comparison between Hakim Ziyech and Bruno Fernandes is the new official debate amongst football fans who are supporters of Chelsea and Manchester united respectively.

Both players who have shone in the premier league so far this season have seen fans of the blues and red devils compare the pair against each other at every given opportunity.

Well, as a neutral football fan who neither supports both teams I’ll be giving my 3 reasons why i think both players shouldn’t be compared to each other.. Stay tuned

1) Both players play in different positions

I wonder why football fans who claim to be knowledgeable about the game would compare Fernandes and Ziyech to one another.

For starters, Bruno Fernandes plays as a midfielder for both club and country while Hakim Ziyech is clearly a winger. So, any comparison between these two players wouldn’t add up as they clearly play in different positions.. Its just like comparing Mohammed Salah to Kevin De bruyne, how does it sound?

2) Too early to compare both players

If at all football fans want to bring up a comparison between these two, isn’t it obvious that it is quite to early in their Premier league career to pit the pair against each other?

We all saw where the comparisons between Kevin De bruyne and Bruno Fernandes ended up last season. The simple truth is its still too early in the campaign to compare both players, the tables could still turn, this is the English Premier league.

3) This comparison is pointless

While this comparison is one of the things that makes football delightful, the truth still remains that this particular one is pointless.

Look these two players are far from the best in their positions in the league not to talk about in the world. Ziyech has only played a handful of games in the premier league and for all the hype, he is yet to prove himself against the top teams in the league last this season..

This was exactly the same way Bruno Fernandes took the premier league by storm upon his arrival last season with every Manchester united fan rushing to bring up comparisons between Kevin De bruyne and the Portuguese.

This comparison is pointless and too premature and leads to nowhere. I’ll rather sit an enjoy the pair rather than compare at every given opportunity.

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