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Argentina 3-0 Ecuador: Messi Showed He’s the Greatest Of All Time Again.



In what could be described as an exciting match, Argentina eased past the struggling Ecuadorian national football team in a brilliant manner.

Argentina started the match in a spirited fashion has every players were involved in both attacking and defending. Argentina clearly showed from the beginning that they were here to win the game with as much goals as possible, which was eventually the case.

Very well into the game in the first half, unmarked Messi had missed a clear chance at opening the goal after an Ecuadorian defender mistakenly played the ball to Messi, whose low shot hit the bar. But Argentina wouldn’t relent. Few minutes before the end of first half, Messi made a brilliant through pass to Gonzalez who couldn’t successfully dribble past the approaching Ecuador goal keeper.

The ball would then fall back to Messi who again made a clear pass to De Paul which the unmarked winger lashed into the net effortlessly.

The beginning of the second half appeared to be a tensed period for the Argentine players as the Ecuadorian players were very possessive and dominating. It took the introduction of Di Maria and Paredes to change the fortune of the game. Di Maria proved to be an excellent substitution when during a back ball-play among the Ecuadorian defenders, he body-checked a sluggish lone defender, before Messi sped up to the loose ball, and with a single touch passed to Lautaro Martinez, before the Inter Milan striker hit the ball to the far-right corner of the pole to double the goal for Argentina.

Messi would continually steal the show, coming back to hold possession while comfortably dribbling and making quick turns in the midfield, in a man-of-the-match display.

Messi’s effort would be crowned with a goal when in the closing minutes of the game, Di Maria brilliantly explores his pace, outrunning the Ecuadorian defender, who brought him down with a drag on his shoulder. In what seemed to be a moment of confusion as to whether it was a penalty or not, the VAR eventually was consulted before the defender was given a red card and the ball, turned out to be a free kick as against the penalty earlier awarded.Messi stepped in on the ball, carefully positioning the ball and looking directly towards the goal post in a near-post free kick.

He hit the ball with so much energy that the keeper was helpless in saving the ball.

The goal brings Messi’s total free kick goals to 58, and his goals in the tournament to four (4) and 3 assists, making him the player with the highest goals and assists in the tournament so far.

Di Maria, though introduced in the second half was brilliant, and would have easily win the man of the match award if not for Lionel Messi who was even more brilliant. It goes to say that despite coming of age, Lionel Messi is undoubtedly reaffirming his position as arguably greatest player of all time, and it took him less than two hours to show that again, this morning.

Question now is, should Messi win this Copa America tournament, will there be any player more worthy of the Balon d’or award? Like and follow this page for more update

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