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Can Lionel Messi Becomes The Player With Most Titles Before He Retires From Football?



Can Lionel Messi Becomes The Player With Most Title Before He Retires From Football? 

Today, we will be discussing about players with most title in this 21st century. What we mean by 21st Century is from 2011- 2020. Yes, It’s almost the end of this 21st Century, and today we will show you all the players with most title based on title they have won since there football career.

.It’s so amazing how the table looks actually, the people we might be expecting to be on the top of the table are not yet there. However as we may all see, we can see Lionel Messi at the top 3 in the table and we will be talking about his possible means of becoming the top 1 before the end of his career as a footballer.

Lionel Messi;

As we can see in the table below, He’s at the top 3 in the table, he have won 37 titles since his entire football career. Currently, Lionel Messi is still 32 years and still the youngest in the table of the players with most title. He might go for 3 more seasons before retirement and having won 37 titles, what could be the possibility of him becoming the player with most title before the end of his career? Let’s know your opinion below.

Here is table of players with Most titles this 21st century.

Daniel Alves: 41

Iniesta: 39

Lionel Messi: 37

Maxwell: 37

Pique: 36

Ashour: 34

Robben: 33

Cristiano Ronaldo: 33

Busquets: 33

Ibrahimovic: 33

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