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CHE VS VILL: All You Need To Know About The Referee, His 725 Yellow And 53 Red Cards Career Stats #SuperCup



Chelsea will take on Villarreal tomorrow in this year’s edition of the UEFA Super Cup. This final is played by the winners of the Europa league and the winners of the Champions league every season. For Villarreal, it’s their first time being here and they would aim for glory despite being the underdogs coming into this game. Chelsea on the other hand are the favourites to win the trophy tomorrow night. The blues have been here before, in 2012 and 2013 but both times they lost the final to Spanish and German oppositions. Although they are in a much better form than they were back then.

For Thomas Tuchel, it’s another opportunity to win his second European title as a manager, just 3 months after he guided Chelsea to Champions league glory against all odds. While the talk of the moment has been around Chelsea and Villarreal, let’s take time out to look at the Referee who would be taking charge of the game on Wednesday. Sergei Karasev is the man who would be taking centre stage tomorrow in Chelsea’s clash against Villarreal.

Karasev is no stranger to European final games as he has officiated quite a few semifinals and quater finals in the world Cup and European Championships in the past.

With that being said, here are the few things you might want to know about Sergei Karasev ahead of the game tomorrow…..

1. He Has Given Out 725 Yellow Cards And 53 Red Cards In His Pro Career.

Karasev is not your regular ‘card shy’ Referee like the English ref, Jonathan Moss and others. The Russian Referee has given out 725 yellow cards and 53 red cards in his entire pro career. Now if you put that side by side with some of the biggest names in the football world as far as refereeing is concerned, you would see that he’s quite the ‘giver’. The majority of these cards was given by Karasev in the Russian Premier league and the Europa/Champions league.

2. Karasev Is No Stanger To Controversies.

Just like every other Referee in world football, Karasev has had his own fair share of controversial decisions in the past. In the Russian league, Champions league, Europa league or the European Championship, Karasev had been at the limelight one time or another because of his decisions on the field of play.

3. The Last Game Involving English Teams Karasev Officiated Ended With Positive Results.

Is this a good omen for Chelsea? The last 3 games involving English teams that Karasev officiated had ended in either a win or a draw for the English team. The was the fourth official in Arsenal’s 4-2 win over Valencia in the Europa league few seasons ago. Then he was the Referee in Everton 1-1 draw with Hadjuk Split in the 2017 Europa league. Again, he officiated Manchester United’s 1-0 away win over Celta Vigo in the 2017 Europa league. So overall his result kind of favours the English sides. Though this has nothing to do with anything that would happen tomorrow night.


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