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Check Out The Rumoured Kits of Premier League Clubs Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea And More



While the never-ending transfer rumours continue to feed the insatiable thirst of football fans, how their favourite club will be kitting out for the next season also adds to the excitement as the current season approaches its end. Every year the clubs and their sponsors get into an unwritten off-field battle to bring out the most attractive kits which not only adds to the team’s brand but also serves as a major source of revenue with fans lining up to buy them as soon as possible.

Though it’s just about the brand exposure and money, football fans around the world look forward to watching their team in an eye-catchy shirt. It has become a duty for fans to enrich their closets every year with newly designed kits. The latest 2022-23 Premier League season is still few months away but the major kits suppliers like Nike, Adidas, and Puma will be waiting to break new grounds with modern designs and funky colour combos.
The social media is littered with leaked kits of some of the prominent English Premier League giants. Here’s a look

Arsenal: Adidas will continue to be there with a fresh red and white home kit for Arsenal. Like some other Adidas teams, they will also introduce a collar. The away kit is going to have a smart all-black look with a golden badge. The third kit will be light pink with a patterned background. As per reports, the gunners will introduce their upcoming season kit before the season’s out, following the modern trend.

Manchester United: Like Arsenal, the Red Devils will have a collar in their traditional red home kit. The chest badge will be in the shape of a shield. The grey-patterned navy blue away kit will have orange stripes and an orange logo. The pink colour on the blue checkered third kit is something different that the United fans can see next season.

Chelsea: Nike will maintain the traditional blue in the Chelsea home kit. The away kit will be more attractive with the combination of white and sky blue. The cream-beige third kit will have the black logo and yellow stripes on the sleeves.

Liverpool: Liverpool has already revealed their home kit on their official Twitter handle. The Nike-designed kit is red in colour and is looking fresh on Luis Fernando Diaz. The usual tribute to the Hillsborough 97 has added a cool element. Some light blue and pink coloured wavy patterns can be seen on a white away kit.

Spurs: The Spurs home kit by Nike will look somewhat similar to the current season’s kit except for some extra bits stitched on the end of the arms. The away kit can look like the England National kit with black sleeves. The third kit will see some black spiral pattern on the blue background.

Manchester City: Only the home kit design of Manchester City has been leaked yet. Puma will use the authentic blue with the badge in the middle of the chest. Red and white stripes will be stitched at the end of the sleeves.

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