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Chelsea fans react to Thomas Tuchel heartfelt goodbye letter



Thomas Tuchel wrote an emotional farewell letterto Chelsea, once again reiterating his affection for the club. He said he felt ‘devastated’ at being sacked, and that the Champions League and Club World Cup triumphs would forever remain in his heart.

Here is what Chelsea fans said about the German’s statement.

Shreya Elizabeth: “Words still fall short. All I can say is, thank you, gaffer.

“Lost my mum a month before CL final. Only thing held me together during was football & Chelsea. Seeing us win the CL helped me not to give up on life & for that I’ll forever be grateful to him.

“So long, TT.”

Uber Chelsea FC: “I’m not crying, you are. This is heart wrenching.”

Kaz: “Thank you for everything TT, you picked us up in a bad place and left a hero, we can’t thank you enough. Consider yourself a Chelsea legend”

Jamie Wilkinson: “It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later. Best of luck, we’ll be cheering you on wherever you go.”

Black Superman: “We are all indebted to you. You checked every box of any ideal Chelsea coach. Your charisma and easy approach was unmatched. You were mature especially how you handled Lukaku issue. We are sorry that you were not given enough time despite the PR by Todd.”

Daniel Childs: “During a tough week, he said the things I needed to hear – for that I will forever be grateful. The emotion of the Champions League run will last with me a lifetime and his defence of the club during the spring was inspirational. Will always remember when you were our coach.”

Christopher: “My heart skipped a beat while reading this. I know managers come and go but it took me this long since Jose left Chelsea to really bring myself to fall in love with any Chelsea manager. I’ll always remember Tuchel for days when it was the world against Chelsea FC. Te amo Tommy.”

Matt Debono: “He genuinely believed he was going to be the man to break the short-term Chelsea manager trend. Gutting. Thanks for everything, again, Thomas.”

Football Therapy: “Pain. TT resonated with me personally more than any other Chelsea manager. The way he spoke and held himself I’ll forever find impressive. He was real, too. Emotional.”

The Chelsea Debate: “Tough read that. Can tell how much this has hurt him. Just want to say one final thank you gaffer. A special part in this club’s history. Best of luck with your next chapter


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