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Chelsea Fans Reacts to Christopher Nkunku and Timo Werner as Chelsea Set to Replace Werner With Nkunku.



Chelsea are looking to sell Timo Werner this summer and replace him with Christopher Nkunku.

Chelsea fans Reacts that they won’t like Timo for nkunku that the deal is not worth letting Werner go they should let him get more playing time

He is regarded by many as one of the best forwards in the world. He came to the limelight also playing for Leipzig and has been in and out of form for Chelsea but is regaining the confidence that made him one of the most feared forwards in the world.

One distinguishing feature of the player is his versatility, he can play as a winger, striker, and second striker, and this versatility with help him partner effectively with Christopher Nkunku and help Chelsea win the premier league next season.

Below is the head to head stats of Timo Werner and Christopher Nkunku

1. Timo Werner

Games played: 413 games

Number of goals: 190 goals

Number of assists: 84 assists

2. Christopher Nkunku

Games played: 257 games

Number of goals: 71 goals

Number of assists: 57 assists

Chelsea fans react to the thread Timo Werner for nkunku

“Nkunku can’t dribble pass defence, Nkunku is a back line merchant like Werner”
No. Nkunku can take on players one on one and actually get the ball forward and guess who can do that?None of Chelsea’s forwards

I feel like letting go of Werner would be a Salah situation, give him a couple years I think he could shine, he’s already a part of so many goals whenever he is played.

Like you’re seriously saying letting a 27 year old go could turn out to be a Salah situation??? How many pl goals he scored in the last two seasons?? Less than 12 combined. Plus he is not even a young star right now,he is 27 not like Salah who was let go at 21

Benzema was equally wasteful a few years back but Real kept him. Today he is a monster in front of goal. Timo has that force no other player on the team has. They will regret selling him. I actually wish we sell him so he can excel elsewhere like Salah and KDB

Replace Werner with Nkunku
Replace Ziyech with Dembélé
Replace Pulisic with Neymar
Replace Lukaku with Nunez
Replace Jorginho with Bissouma
Replace Alonso with Sosa
Replace Azpi with Perisic
Replace Rudiger with Koulibaly
Replace Christensen with Koundé

And we good

Replace ziyech for raphinha
Cheek for bissouma
If pulisic wanna go replace him with Nunez
Leave Timo still bring in nkunku
Replace odoi with nelson from Feyenoord
Mendy needs competition bring in Gabriel Slonina
Add rice to the list,then we are good to go👍

Chelsea want to sell Timo and keep Lukaku??
Seriously, what is wrong with Chelsea?
Which Chelsea board members would make that unreasonable decision??

Sell Werner please. We love him yes but we need goals too. Sell Lukaku too, no more drama. Sell Pulisic if he wants to leave. Just leave Ziyech the wizard alone and play him right. Buy Nkuku or any other striker that can strike even blindfolded

It will be a perfect deal, zero risk attach. If it’s work out well then we have improved the team but if it didn’t then we’re left a younger Werner


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