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Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid Could be Ban From Champion’s League As They Join European Super League #superleague



Plans for a European Super League are gathering pace at an alarming rate.

When the reports first emerged on Sunday afternoon that 12 clubs planned to sign up, it was still being widely speculated that this was all just a power-play against Uefa.

Gary Lineker predicted on Twitter that the new format would quickly “die on its preposterous and avaricious a**e”.

If only it were that simple…

On Monday afternoon, clubs officially signed a commitment to the new Super League that will last 23 years.

And Uefa and Fifa are absolutely furious.

They have made it clear that clubs who sign up to the new league – and the Premier League’s traditional ‘big six’ are among them – will not be allowed to play in any of their tournaments going forward.

Their players are even set to be banned from international football.

Perhaps all this seems a long way off.

However, Italian journalist Tancredi Palmieri has revealed that European football’s governing body are now seeking legal advice which could see Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City banned from this season’s Champions League.

Of course, these are the three of the four semi-finalists who are in the European Super League. The other, Paris Saint-Germain, are not part of the new set-up.

It would be a seismic moment if they were expelled from the tournament. It’s unclear at this stage how the competition’s later stages would be decided.

Would PSG be awarded the trophy? Would the beaten quarter-finalists be allowed back? That would be complex, seeing as clubs like Liverpool were among them


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