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Chelsea: Statistics Of Werner, Ziyech, Silva, Harvertz, Chilwell And Mendy For The 2020/2021 Season



The Chelsea are really doing great this season. However, the Chelsea as a team are really doing greatly when compared their performance in the premier league table so far. They are first in the premier league goals this season with a total of 20 goals.

The Chelsea newly signed players are really doing great in the positions they plays at Chelsea.

From the table below which shows their individual performance, the Chelsea player Timo Werner is the Leipzig for mercy player and their highest goal scorer last season. He has ended up scoring 8goals and 3 goal assist forr Chelsea this season.

The next player is Hakim Ziyech, he is the former Ajax player who has transpired to Chelsea this season to play in the attack, he has scored 2 goals with 4 goal assists.

Kai Harvertz is the former Bayer Leverkusen player who features as a midfielder in the Chelsea tan. He has scored 4 goals with 3 goals assists.

The Chelsea defender Benjamin chilwell, so far this season as the Chelsea defender, he has scored 2 goals with 3 goal assists this season.

The Chelsea defender Thiago Silva has scored 1 goal as a defender at Chelsea.

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Don’t you think that Chelsea new signed player are really doing greatly for Chelsea this season



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