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Chelsea Takeover Announcement Soon as Chelsea staff “told takeover is complete” with just official announcement remaining



The story of the sale of Chelsea has been in full swing since mid-March when the sanctions from the UK government hit Roman Abramovich.

The whole club has been turned upside down since then, as a race against time and government deadlines has forced a sale of unprecedented speed.

It’s all over now though, and while we haven’t had the official announcement, the actual sale looks to have gone through.


The new owners have approval from the government, the EU and the Premier League, and yesterday we were seeing a trickle of documents from Companies House showing that the administrative processes and mechanics of the actual sale were in motion.

Now we have the cherry on the icing on the cake – Nizaar Kinsella reports that staff at Chelsea have been told privately that the sale is done.

So now it’s very much a matter of just waiting for an announcement on the club website.


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