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Dream League Soccer 2022 (DLS 22) Mod Apk+ Obb Download for Android & IOS



Download Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod Apk: Dream League Soccer 2022 has been always a top Soccer Android game of all time. DLS 22 Mod comes with unlimited coins and offline games with ultra HD graphics. All the players are unlocked so you don’t have to wait for a particular player to be opened or available to be signed. You can download the game from the download button given at the bottom of the article.

Dream League Soccer (DLS 22) Apk Obb Data for Android

DLS 22 mod apk

This is the best DLS 22 Mod available with an amazing color scheme and attractive theme of the game. The gameplay of the game is also very dynamic with the highlights and others in new and updated options. The model is very detailed in that even the sidewalls of the game field have also been changed and updated with the latest sponsored used nowadays.

DLS 22 mod with unlimited coins

You can also play online matches to prove your dominance in the game. The game has more than a hundred million downloads in PlayStore & AppStore. All the current transfer has also been updated inside the game.

DLS 22 apk obb

DLS 22 is updated with the latest teams like Real Madrid Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, etc. The game also has been updated with all the leagues like Division 1,2,3, elite division, legendary diving, global cup, and other online events.

Updated logos and Kits of teams

DLS 22 Gold Edition

In DLS 22 Gameplay normally we don’t get any updated logo, but this mod has all the real logos of all the team. So it becomes very close to reality and gives realism to the gameplay itself. There are no teams or players locked. You can play with any team depending upon the leaves you are in

In the normal DLS 22 Playstore version, we have to search for the player and wait for it to appear in the transfer window so that we can sign him. But in this game, we can directly go to the transfer window and buy any player of our choice has all the players have already been unlocked so we don’t need any extra effort to wait and buy the player.

The gameplay is supported with Ultra HD Graphics

DLS 22 Mod

To get a DLS 22 all you need to do is download the Apk, Obb, and data file. Then follow the instruction given below the download button to download the game and enjoy it. If you still want extra help we have also attached a video tutorial button you can press it and see the full tutorial to download the game if you want.


Dream League Soccer 2022 Profile data download has a little reddish theme I bet you will really like the interface and the design of the game and menu. There is no need for 5th-floor lessons in this mode as we have already updated the logos and other features from the code editing of App.

DLS 22 Release Date in Playstore

Updated Players and Transfers

The biggest question in the mind of fans is- When is DLS 22 coming out? So we contacted the developers and they too us that they are working hard on the next game and we can roughly expect the game after October 2021. The game has the support of more than +3500 official FIFPro licensed players with HD and improves the faces. You choose formation from more than 9 types and select your tactics according to your playing style whether you are attacking, defending, or a moderate player.

This Dream League Soccer 2022 has improved gaming Intelligence that doesn’t make the players look stupid with no gaming sense. This makes the game closer to reality and makes it one of the top gaming soccer games ever made.


Download DLS 22 Mod Apk Obb here:

Apk+Obb+Data (338 MB)

download icon

download icon

How to Install DLS 22 Mod?

  1. First of all download the zip files from above (containing Apk, Obb & Data folders)
  2. After that, Open the Apk file and Pres Installbutton to install the App.
  3. After that, You need ZArchiver App to convertthe DLS22 file to the normal DLS 22 Data folder, which contains the “com.dls22…..” folder. Now, this folder is pasted to ‘Android>Data’ using ZArchiver App.
  4. Repeat step 3 again to paste the obb folder to ‘Android>Obb’
  5. That’s it, Open the game and enjoy 🙂

DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2022 New Features / TOP 15 Features we can expect in DLS 22:

  1. Legendary Players
  2. Manager Mode
  3. Updated Commentary
  4. More skills
  5. Bundesliga Players
  6. Custom Ball Design
  7. Tactical Controls
  8. Create PLayer Option
  9. Original Celebrations
  10. More Formations/Tactics
  11. Real Team Logos
  12. Tournament Mode
  13. Hand Ball Foul
  14. Quick Match Mode
  15. Player Search option (Show Unavailable Player)

FTS 22 Mod

download icon

This mod is designed by (Be sure to check them if you want more mods like this)

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