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Frank Lampard Reveals He Have Good Relationship With Toni Rudiger #KRACHE



Frank Lampard Reveals He Have Good Relationship With Toni Rudiger #KRACHE


Frank Lampard, at the start of his part of the media conference, says he has had discussions with Toni Rudiger and that he has a positive relationship with him. He adds that Rudiger is very much in contention to play.

Lampard says it is possible that he is judged differently being a young English manager. He says all managers should be judged the same but he can’t look at other opinions much. He just has to concentrate on the job.


Recalling having qualified from a tough Champions League group last year, Lampard says it is important the team have the edge they had back then while facing this season’s challenge and tomorrow’s game.

Lampard confirms he is very pleased he took the Chelsea job and is proud to do it. He loved last season’s challenges and now he wants the team to move on to new levels


On whether it was a decision to change the balance of the team in recent games, Lampard notes the qualities of the teams we were playing. He repeats he wants more going forward but with the quality we have upfront, that is not a big worry. That is all from the boss here.

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