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Good News For Chelsea As Star Player Could Play Against Manchester City On Sunday



Chelsea and Manchester city would be clashing against each other at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, exactly 5:30pm. As, the Pep Guardiola‘s would travel down to Stamford Bridge, to clash against Frank Lampard‘s men.

Of course, Chelsea‘s performance in their last 5 games have been awful, and unimpressed. As, the Frank Lampard’s bagged 4 points in their last 5 Premier League games. And, their clash with Manchester city always look like a derby as they don’t usually go easy on each other.

Meanwhile, the Frank Lampard’s men have received a good news ahead of their clash against the Pep Guardiola’s men on Sunday. As, one of their most brilliant and talented players could be back to play, and that’s indeed a good news for Chelsea.

According to Frank Lampard, the Blues gaffer claimed that Hakim Ziyech could be back to play against Manchester city on Sunday, if the match goes ahead. And, that’s indeed a good news for Chelsea, as they haven’t been able to win massively since the absence of the Moroccan baller in the squad.

Manchester City’s match against Everton yesterday was postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak, and this could equally affects Chelsea’s clash on Sunday. But, if the two teams are going to clash against each other, Hakim Ziyech could play against the Pep Guardiola’s men as claimed by Frank Lampard.

Chelsea have really missed Hakim Ziyech in the squad, as the Blues haven’t been able to perform amazingly and outstandingly since the Moroccan wizard got injured. And, Ziyech’s availability in the squad against Manchester city is indeed a good news for the Blues.

Undoubtedly, with Hakim Ziyech back into squad to play against Manchester city on Sunday. There won’t be a room for Frank Lampard to play any player out of their normal positions. Ziyech plays from the right-wing, Christian Pulisic plays from the left-wing and Timo Werner as No.9.

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