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How Chelsea Fans Reacts To Romelu Lukaku Secret interview Linking Him to Inter Return #Lukaku



Let’s go. How are you?
Physically I’m fine, even better than before. After
two years in Italy, in which I worked a lot at Inter
with trainers and nutritionists, I am physically
fine. But I’m not happy with the situation, this is
normal. I think the coach has chosen to play
with another module, I just have to not give up
and continue to work and be a professional. I am
not happy with the situation, but I am a worker
and I must not give up.

If I close my eyes and think back to a
few months ago it seems like a
lifetime, right?
(Laughs, ed.) Everything has passed. I think
everything that happened was not supposed to
happen like this. How I left Inter, how I
communicated with the fans, this bothers me
because it is not the right time now, but even
when I left it was not the right time. Now I think
it is right to speak because I have always said
that I have Inter in my heart, I will return to play
there, I really hope so. I am in love with Italy, this
is rightly the time to talk and let people know
what really happened without talking badly
about people because I am not like that.


Table of Contents

Fans Reaction to Lukaku interview

Guys, but can you explain to me the meaning of having it with #Lukaku ? He has been with us for 2 years, he scored a flood of goals and did his job well, helping us in a decisive way to get back to winning, and finally he brought us 115 million in cash. Oh also stop crying offending him.

NOW I know why Thomas Tuchel lost his head last night, because their star striker wants out not even six months into his first year back at the club 👀 #CFC #lukaku

If you’re signing for Chelsea, you’re signing up for the hunger to win titles”
– Thomas Tuchel

No player will ever turn the fans against Thomas Tuchel. He’s our pride.

#Lukaku : “I really want to apologize to the Inter fans. The way I left, had to be in another way. I hope from the bottom of my heart to return to Inter not at the end of my career but at a level that is still good for hope to win more. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. ”

When straight talk gets slammed! And then you expect players to deliver. Good luck… But I believe in Tuchel and Lukaku combo. They’ll figure it out… they communicate all the time. Unlike some players

Avalanche of insults yesterday on #Lukaku . As for me, apologies fully accepted, because they are not requested.
To those who treat him as a traitor and mercenary I ask: How do you consider Calhanoglu? And don’t say the situation is different. Perhaps it is even worse.

#Lukaku is a great player and has given a lot to @Inter . Acknowledgment for what he has given, but stop. He got it all wrong. The time and the way to leave. So, just stay where you are. Didn’t you say to make your dream come true at #Chelsea ? go ahead

Their hatred on #Lukaku blinds them. Tuchel has a true friend on him. He’s willing to share his thoughts to see improvement. I bet they already talked about this during practice. Don’t worry about the media…

Lukaku doesn’t have a problem with Tuchel. True team members are open to each other. It’s all about a way forward and every suggestion is encouraged. Unlike that useless predictable midfield frauds who shows their dissatisfaction through crappy play. 🙄 #Lukaku

Chelsea board i am sorry to say that this whole debacle is on you guys totally. And you better not sack this manager because it’s on you guys not him. #Lukaku

It’s evident we will never replace Didier Drogba & Diego Costa.. #Lukaku has really stooped too low on this. Infact I don’t care if he’s benched till he gets his head right… Chelsea is bigger than him and we are the champions of Europe…

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