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How Chelsea’s Impressive Record Prove Paul Scholes and Pochettino’s Criticism Wrong (Statistics)



Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea are arguably one of the best teams in the world due to their impressive start to the 2021/2022 season. Chelsea is currently on top of the Premier League table after 12 matches and is through to the Champions League Round of 16.

Despite Chelsea success this season, some people still feel that they are not the best or believe some things are lacking in their game. Two people have openly criticized Chelsea’s tactics this season and both have been proven wrong as the blues keeps shining against all odds.

Here are the two people that criticized Chelsea, what they said and how Chelsea has proven their critics wrong.

Paul Scholes:

Former Manchester United legend, Paul Scholes who is also a pundit claimed that Chelsea has the worst defence among the big four teams in the Premier League. Paul Scholes believed that Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool have superior defence than Chelsea despite the blues impressive defensive record under Thomas Tuchel.

Paul Scholes even went as far as to claim that Manchester United despite their poor performance is still better than Chelsea.



Fact Check: Chelsea has the best defensive record in the Premier League and even in the Champions League this season.

Chelsea has conceded the least goal in the Premier League which is currently at four goals and the closest team to concede less is Manchester City who has shipped in 6 goals so far this season. Also, Chelsea has the best defensive record in the Champions League with only one goal conceded and 4 clean sheets kept in 5 matches.

Verdict: Paul Scholes claim that Chelsea has the worst defence among the top six teams is false at the moment as Chelsea has the best defensive record in the league and Europe at large.



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Mauricio Pochettino:

During a press conference ahead of the Paris Saint-Germain game against Manchester City, Pochettino claimed that Chelsea is a defensive team under Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea have a defensive team, they play in transition and on the counter,” Pochettino said on Friday.

Pochettino believed that Chelsea plays defensively while relying on counterattacks and transitions to score their opponent.



Fact Check: Chelsea has one of the best attacking records in the Premier League and Champions League so far this season. Thomas Tuchel’s men have scored 30 Premier League goals which is second best in the league with Liverpool being the only team to score 35 goals so far.

In the Champions League, Chelsea scored 10 goals which is an impressive number compared to Barcelona and other teams.

Verdict: Pochettino claim that Chelsea is a defensive team is wrong at the moment as the blues records an average of 60% ball possession in all their Matches and have scored a total of 40 goals this season

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