If Chelsea want to Beat Real Madrid They Should Do these 3 Things #RMACHE

For a very long time i have not seen both real Madrid and Chelsea joined together in Uefa Champions League but this time around it happens and we are going to see that tonight.
Real Madrid it such a big team that you can’t just thiking of beating like every other club because they are very strong, and when it comes to Champions league you can’t put them out of it because they know how to play it better than any other European team.
They have collected it 13 times more than any other European Big club you know, no one even comes closer, Not even Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus or Liverpool.
Madrid are very good in attacking football and their forwarders can damage you in a blink of an eyes because their midfield is very strong with an experience Players full of killer passes, even though they have some injury players they can hurt any club with their counter attack.
Chelsea might not have enough to beat Real Madrid but we should try and remember that they also have little experiences about This Cup, they also have one to their name and with that they can do more than expected in this first leg.
So if Chelsea truly want to dominate them they should do something like these.

(1) They should try and put more pressures on their midfield by forcing them to go back home, if Chelsea didn’t allow them to come out it will be so hard for them to make any harm.
(2) Chelsea back line should be very careful with Karim Benzema and Jr.Vinicius, there should be one on one marking with them to stop them from getting the ball. If they can stop them from getting the ball then Madrid’s plan of counter attack will be destroyed.

(3) Chelsea should start off with Olivier Giroud, Hodson Odoi and Timo Werner together at the front line with 3-4-3 Formation and if Chelsea can start off with these 3 guys at the front line, believe me Chelsea will score more than 2 goals tonight and that will be a great advantage for them before the second leg be played at home (England) in the Stanford Bridge. My prediction is Chelsea will win 2-1, what about you?.

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