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Lampard reveals how he tends to get the best out of Timo Werner and Kai Havertz



Lampard reviews in a press conference yesterday that he may possibly initiate a new formation that will suit Timo Werner’s finishing skills, and Kai Havertz’s passing tactics which will certainly bring out the best form in them,

He stated that Werner has played 8 straight matches lately and featuring as a right flank man without recording a single goal, likewise Havertz in the Midfield area.

Lampard said ” we have great assets on ground looking at the two lads (Timo Werner and Kai Havertz). Waiting for them to fully adapt will be ideal but not for a long time, because they cannot afford to continue performing inconsistently,

There must be a formation that gave them great appearances in Germany, and on the other hand increased their release clause to Stamford Bridge, it is my responsibility to tostructure the team in a manner that will help them fastly adapt and produce the best performances subsequently.”

Lampard finally urged supporters of the club to be optimistic and watch the squad grow.

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