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Man Utd 1st, Arsenal 5th: See Man City And Chelsea’s Positions On The EPL ‘2nd Half’ Table.



This table contains just the second half goals, including the second half extra time. The total number of points, games won, lost games and games drawn after the second half of each team is also taken into account. Currently Manchester United is 1st with 53 points. In the last 15 matches in the season, Manchester United was unbeaten, scoring in 73% of the matches.

Manchester City won 12 games, drew 12, and lost 5, for a total of 51 points and a total of 27 goals scores in the second half of this season. City of Manchester is currently in 2nd place.

Chelsea won thirteen matches, drew twelve and lost four. Chelsea has scored a total of 27 goals in the second half and, according to her second half of this season, they have achieved a total of 51 points to date. Currently Chelsea is in 3rd place.

See Full Table Below.

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