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Never Compare Marcus Rashford with Sadio Mane, See their Stats this Season



Marcus Rashford has been balling and making waves in Premier League and Champions League this season. And, the Red Devils fans believe he’s better than Liverpool’s Sadio Mane

Obviously, Sadio Mane hasn’t been performing amazingly this season, as he had a slow start of the season and he was as well tested negative for Covid-19. And, the Senegalese hasn’t been able to establish himself this season. And, that made the Manchester united’s fans claimed that Rashford is better than him.

Respectfully saying, Marcus Rashford is obviously amongst the most important and dangerous ballers in Europe top-5 league. And, he’s been seen as Manchester united corner stone for many years. But, he’s cannot be compared to Liverpool’s Sadio Mane, as the Liverpool’s baller is better than him.

The comparison is really good and nice, as both of them are playing from the same wing. So, it’s good seeing the both compared to each other. But, the Manchester united’s fans got it all wrong, as Sadio Mane is twice better than Marcus Rashford.

Statistically, there’s a huge gap between Sadio Mane and Marcus Rashford, in Premier League, Champions League and in Europe top-5 league. Though, Rashford is a brilliant baller on his own but his ability and capability cannot be compared to Mane.

Regardless of how massive Marcus Rashford performed in every season, he cannot be compared to Sadio Mane. Because, the Reds forward can score many goals twice higher than the Red Devils baller goals in a season.

Here’s Sadio Mane and Marcus Rashford stats this season:-

Sadio Mane – Liverpool

10 Matches

4 Goals

1 Assist

Marcus Rashford – Manchester united

10 Matches

4 Goals

3 Assists

As per the above stats, Rashford obviously bagged more goal contributions, as he netted 4 goals and registered 3 assists in 10 appearances. While, Mane netted 4 goals and registered 1 assist in 10 appearances. But, that doesn’t make the Red Devils baller is better than the Reds forward. Therefore, regardless of how Rashford performed in every season, he does not possess Mane abilities and capabilities.

Is Marcus Rashford really better than Sadio Mane?


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