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Opinion: Five reasons why history is on Chelsea’s side to win the EPL title next season



The 2021/2022 English Premier League season begins in August. For the whole of the season, the top teams in England will slug it out for the title. History suggests that Chelsea are well placed to win the title next season. Here are five reasons why the blues could land their 6th EPL title next season.
1. Whenever there is an all-English UCL final, the winner wins the EPL the following seasonIn the 21st century, there has been only three occasions when two English clubs faced each other in the UEFA Champions League final. In 2008, it was Manchester United vs Chelsea in the UCL final in Moscow. United won the final and went on to win the 2008/2009 Premier League title. In 2019, it was Liverpool vs Tottenham in the UCL final. Liverpool won the that final and went on to win the 2019/2020 EPL title. The last UCL final was between Chelsea and Manchester City (an all-English final) which Chelsea won. Going by the trend, the blues could win the EPL title next season.

2. The last 3 clubs before Chelsea to win the UCL trophy with a German manager won their respective domestic leagues the following season

In 2013, Jupp Heynckes (a German manager) won the UCL trophy with Bayern. Bayern then won the Bundesliga the following season. In 2019, J√ľrgen Klopp won the UCL trophy with Liverpool. Liverpool won their first ever EPL title the following season. In 2020, Hans-Dieter Flick won the UCL with Bayern Munich. He led them to the Bundesliga title the following season. Chelsea’s current manager, Thomas Tuchel is a German who won the UCL with them last season. If the trend continues, we may see the blues lift the EPL trophy next season.

**Hansi Flick (left), J√ľrgen Klopp (middle) and Jupp Heynckes (right) won the UCL trophy and the the clubs they managed went on to win their respective domestic leagues the following season.

3. Whenever a Manchester-based club loses the UCL final, their final opponents win their domestic league title the following season

In the 21st century, a Manchester-based club has been on the losing side in the UCL final on three occasions. In 2009, Manchester United lost the UCL final to Barcelona who won the La Liga the following season. This was repeated in the 2011/2012 season after United, again, lost the 2011 UCL final to Barcelona. Manchester City is the latest Manchester-based club to lose the UCL final and their opponent was Chelsea. Going by the trend, the blues should be the next EPL winners.

**The last time Chelsea won the EPL title was in the 2016/2017 season, a year after Leicester City won the title.

4. All Chelsea’s five EPL title wins in the Roman era have been won by either the first or third permanent manager hired by the club

The first permanent manager hired by Chelsea after Roman Abramovich took over the club was Jos√© Mourinho and he won Chelsea’s first EPL title the season he was hired. When he was sacked in 2007, Chelsea’s next two permanent managers were Avram Grant and Luis Felipe Scolari who failed to deliver the title. The third permanent manager hired was Carlo Ancelotti and he won the EPL title in his first season at the club. After Ancelotti was sacked in 2011, Andre Villas-Boas and Roberto Di Matteo were the next two permanent managers hired and both failed to deliver the trophy. Jos√© Mourinho was the third who came and won the EPL again in his second season (2014/2015 season). After Mourinho’s sack, the first permanent manager hired, Antonio Conte, won the EPL title the season he was hired (2016/2017). After Conte, Chelsea has hired (and sacked) two permanent managers in Maurizio Sarri and Frank Lampard. Thomas Tuchel is the third and the question is, will he follow the trend?

Note: Guus Hiddink and Rafa Benitez were appointed by Chelsea as interim/caretaker managers between the permanent managerial appointments.

5. Chelsea’s last 3 EPL title wins have come in the season after a club that has either “Manchester” or “City” in its name won the title

In the 2008/2009 season, Manchester United won the EPL title and Chelsea won it the following season. In the 2013/2014 season, Manchester City won the EPL title and Chelsea won it the following season. In the 2015/2016 season, Leicester City won the EPL title and Chelsea won it the following season. Manchester City were the EPL title winners last season. Will Chelsea continue the trend?

**Thomas Tuchel will be looking to become the 4th different manager to win the EPL title for Chelsea.

Last season, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League trophy in a season that had quite a few similarities with the their 2011/2012 campaign. Chelsea fans will be hoping history repeats itself next season in their bid to win the EPL title.

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