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Premier League, Europe’s Top 5 Leagues And Rest Of The World Team Of The Year 2020



Happy Xmas to soccer Fans, in this article we shall see premier league, Europe’s Top Five leagues and Rest of the world Team of the year 2020. Check the images below for more details.

Premier league team of the year.

Goalkeeper: Emiliano Martinez.

Defenders: Joao Cancelo, Tarkowski, Kurt Zouma and Alexander Arnold.

Midfielders: Bruno Fernandes, Kevin de bruyne and Jordan Henderson.

Forward: Jack Grealish, Harry Kane and Mohammed Salah.

Rest of the world team of the year.

Goalkeeper: Arias.

Defenders: Hojer, Goldson, Jullien and Tavernier.

Midfielders: Christiansen, Liendl and Pozuelo.

Forwards: Oscar, Zinckernagel and Cesinha.

Europe’s Top 5 Leagues team of of the year.

Goalkeeper: Oukidja.

Defenders: Guerreiro, Sergio Ramos, Matt Hummels and Juan Cuadrado.

Midfielders: Bruno Fernandes, Josh Kimmich and Kevin de bruyne.

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi.

Which team of the year is the strongest? Drop your comments below. Please like and share to your fellow football fans

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