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Reasons Why Footballers Cover Their Mouths When Talking To Each Other On The Pitch



Football coaches and players have historically communicated with one another on the field using a variety of different means. Some people communicate by body language, gestures, and other means. When speaking on the field, both coaches and players are required to cover their lips for the same three basic reasons.

When conversing on the pitch, football players are required to cover their lips in order to prevent their opponents from overhearing what they are saying. They will have an easier time communicating with one another and giving directions to their colleagues as a result of this. Aside from that, if they are ready to say anything that would be detrimental to the opposing team, they keep their lips shut instead.

Stadiums often include a lot of activity and a significant amount of background noise. Participants will have to put up with noise levels that are at least 120 decibels louder than normal in order to keep from being able to hear one another. During the course of the game, the participants cover their lips in order to prevent themselves from speaking. You may use this instead of yelling at another player if you want to communicate with them


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