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Seven reasons why Chelsea need to sack Frank Lampard



Sack Lampard and call Pochettino…
So, in case no one is yet to say this, let me say this – Frank Lampard needs to be sacked.  I enjoyed last season, no question, but it is evident that he cannot do well and here are reasons why

1. Lack of principles of play or a process.  There’s no proper build up, no methodical play (I am style neutral even a low block would do for me in general) as a consequence its confusing to watch Chelsea each time.

2. Frank Lampard is poor in man management.  He (like his mentor Jose Mourinho) only loves players who can run.  Chelsea are a team full of runners and no one to supply them good balls.  That’s the reason Ziyech was bought, but if Chelsea need Ziyech to win against THIS ARSENAL side, then why do we need a coach?

3. Frank’s treatment of Callum Hudson Odoi – clearly, he’s a sensational player.  The biggest piece of bull shit these managers give media is “bad attitude in training” – I fell for that once when Jose spoke about KDB not now.  It is clear CHO can create, can do combination play, can beat a man, and is extremely good defensively (contrary to what these coaches crap about).  In fact, Reece james had a howler in first half because he had to deal with the entire right side alone because wait for it – Pulisic does not track back well and is not good defensively.  Enter CHO and not only does he assist again and is a nuisance, but also covers for Reece who is good in second half. CHO was fit most games yet doesn’t start – I get it, like any coach Frank also has his favorites but for the love of god stop saying selection is based on merit or training. I never want to hear this bad training excuse again.

4. Our full backs were injured.  They carried a niggle.  Why the heck does Frank play them when the only thing that’s visible in his style of football is for athletic full backs who can cross?  I pitied both Chillwell and Reece as they were not only fully fit, but their wingers Timo and Pulisic didn’t help them out also.

5. On Timo – yes, he did great as a second striker or inside forward.  But not as an out and out wide man.  He makes unbelievable runs and no one picks him, two he is not a winger.  He doesn’t help stretch play (which is ok as that’s not his job), he cannot dribble like a winger (again ok as that’s not his forte) – so why for the love of god does Frank not only ask Timo to replicate a wide winger, but also entrust him to track back (Again not his forte)?  It’s like we’ve minimized his strength and maximize his weakness!

6. Midfield – we don’t create from deep.  No play makers. Lampard prefers runners.  All ok – if Lampard loves Liverpool but Klopp’s team are so well drilled that the creativity beautifully comes out wide and with Thiago they have a proper playmaker.  It’s like how most teams thought they copied Pep’s football last decade while hilariously damaged clubs back decades, Lampard is doing same from Klopp.

7. Chelsea should nail top 3 this season and I am not convinced Lampard is the man.  He has an amazing eye for talent and will always be my favorite Chelsea player, but this is different.  Roman needs to make a change quickly before Top 4 is out of grasp and players lose confidence.

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