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The real story about India’s 99-1 win over Nigeria in the world cup, many don’t believe it happened



A few days ago I watched on TV as millions of Indians went into wild

celebrations during the ongoing FIFA under 17 World Cup.

A certain Jeakson Singh was said to have scored India’s first-ever goal in

a FIFA World Cup as they lost 2-1 to Colombia.

What got me wondering was how the Indians fooled the whole world that

they had never before scored in the World Cup because some of us know


Legend has it that the Indians were banned from participating in football

first and then sports generally because of their uncanny ability to “over-

win” games and other sporting events.

How the whole world thinks the Indians just scored their first goal baffles

me. Like we say in local parlance here in Nigeria, these same Indians

must have used jazz (Voodoo) to cover the eyes of the world.

So why then was India banned?

The legend continues that the Indians were banned by FIFA forever from

playing football because they used voodoo to win games.

Nigeria was their major victim as a World Cup match between both

countries ended 99-1 in favour of India. However, no one knows the year

this game was played or where it happened, just the legend.

The way I heard it was that the Indians scored with every shot on target

because first, the Nigerians could not see the Indian players on the pitch

and when they shot, the ball either multiplied into seven with the

Nigerian keeper going for the one he thought was the real one, catching

air, while they scored.

At other times, the ball metamorphosed into a fiery blast and the keeper

had to run for cover to save from being burnt.

The Indian who probably scored 89 of the 99 goals. No boots

Yet again, the Indians were not done as the ball also on some occasions

turned into a scary lion as it made its way into the post, causing the

Nigerian goalkeeper to run for his life.

By the time they were done, they had scored 99 goals with Nigeria

pulling one back, phew! At least we got the away goal, didn’t we? Lol.

No need to check as you won’t see this game on this game on the FIFA

website or any other archives because the result was expunged from

world football records after the Indians were banned.

After they were banned from football by FIFA, they participated in the

Olympic Games, and an Indian athlete, Javrashin Anand threw a javelin

that has not landed until this day.

We hear it is still somewhere in orbit, terrorizing other planets as I type.

This was in 1960 in Rome and they were henceforth banned from taking

part in any sporting activity until they sign an undertaken by their Prime

Minister never to use voodoo to enhance performance in sporting


In that same 1960 Olympic Games hosted in Rome, a poor shot-put

throw by an Indian athlete landed at the airport in Rome destroying part

of the runway.

Since that was their third-best shot put thrower, the organisers refused

to let the others throw the shot put lest they kill a child in school in

some faraway village.

The pole vaulter, Vikram Bachan was said to have landed outside the

stadium after his vault and many more uncanny things the Indian

athletes did at the games

What’s the story around the legendary World Cup game between

Nigeria and India?

If you grew up in Nigeria between 1970 and 2010 you probably heard

a version of the Nigeria v India World Cup game that led to the Asian nation being banned from playing football by FIFA, but what version did

you hear?

I caught up with folk from different generations to share their own

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