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Tood Boehly’s reasons for sacking Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel



The well-liked Tuchel was to relieve on duty, which sent shock waves through the Blues organization. This choice by the CFC board came as a bit of a surprise. Most fans were already worried about the team’s overall results and style, but most didn’t expect this to happen so soon.

Unless there are more losses, like the one against Dinamo Zagreb, the German was expected to keep going for a while. Chelsea even beat West Ham United, another London team, on Saturday. But that game showed that the team had a lot of problems that had been hidden or thought of as temporary. Zagreb showed how players fight among themselves and how much more unstable things feel.

Even though the status of the former coach of Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund never seemed to be in jeopardy. Thomas Tuchel may have become expendable in the eyes of Boehly and his right-hand man Behdad Eghbali, who are known as the club’s controlling owners. Some Chelsea fans might not agree with them getting rid of the manager who led the team to a Champions League win about 15 months ago.


The Telegraph says that neither Tuchel’s performance nor bad games like the one against Croatia were good enough reasons to fire him. Some of the reasons given have to do with things that happened behind closed doors. It is said that the manager did not take the initiative to create a new culture at Stamford Bridge and that he became less and less communicative with his bosses.


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