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Top 10 Most Valuable Leagues In The World – Serie A Ranked Above La Liga



When it comes to most Valuable Leagues, this refers to the quality of players that play in that league. Most of the teams in La Liga, like Barcelona and real madrid have lots of players whose are over 30 years and so the valuation of the clubs have dropped significantly.

While There are teams Like Chelsea, who bought young players with high valuation, this have thus increased the valuation of the club and premier league. In Serie A, Inter Milan, Atlanta, Roma and AC Milan Have quality young players below the age of 30 and thus this have increased their valuation and also increased The Value of Serie A league.

Also when players underperforming their value decreases which also affects the Valuation of the club and the league. So a lot of thing affect the valuation of Leagues. However premier league remains the most Valuable league in the world. They have the best TV right deals, Sponsorship deals and no league make more money than them. Most of the top valuable players play in Premier league.

Serie A is now valued more than la Liga, in the future, should real Madrid and Barcelona sign quality top players or their current players performance increases, which would lead to rise in Valuation, then they could once more over take Serie A. However, Bundesliga is more valued than Ligue 1.

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