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When can players download FIFA 22 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC? #FIFA22



FIFA 22 is slated to hit stores and digital downloads on October 1, but for those who have pre-ordered or have other situations applicable, the download date may come sooner. The game had several different pre-order editions, and they all came with various dates and rewards, and even some consoles had different dates. Here’s everything on when FIFA 22 will be available for download.

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When will FIFA 22 be able to download

For all players, regardless of whether they have pre-ordered the game or not, the game releases October 1. There was no demo this year, so for the majority of the player base, that will be the first time they get to experience FIFA 22. However, some players can download the game early.

FIFA 22 will be available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, both next and last-gen. Image via EA
FIFA 22 will be available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, both next and last-gen. Image via EA


Players with a Game Pass subscription, which is separate from the standard Xbox Live subscription, can download the game now. They’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Players can open the Game Pass app
  • FIFA 22 can be found in the “Coming Soon” section
  • Players may need to select to see all games if FIFA doesn’t show up
  • After selecting it, there will be a pre-download option and players can begin the installation

It should be noted that even though it is already downloaded, players can’t access FIFA 22 until October 1, which is when the game goes live. However, this will save a lot of time on release day when servers may be overloaded with downloads.



For PlayStation players, there are two dates to remember. If players did pre-order, then the download date depends on which version of the game they ordered. There are two editions, Standard and Ultimate, that players can pre-order or buy on release day.

For Ultimate Edition buyers, the game will become available for download September 25, 2021. For the rest, the date will be the 27th.


For PC players, the dates are the same. Ultimate Edition players can download the game on the 25th, and the Standard Edition will become available four days before the regular release date.

For those who haven’t pre-ordered, that is still an option, otherwise FIFA 22 will need to be purchased and downloaded on October 1 or later.

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